Creative Work

Graphic booklet  64 pages

Graphic booklet  74 pages

Graphic booklet  76 pages


Command Line Utility Reference Template
Template for documenting a CLU  4 pages

Command Line Utility Task Template
Template for documenting a task using a CLU  2 pages

from RSA Sign-On Manager Help
Windows matching & web matching  9 pages

from RSA Access Manager 6.0 Administrator's Guide
smart rules  7 pages

Broadlane Page Content
web application interface text  8 pages

Solution Central: Test Scripts--New Ad
web application test scripts   9 pages

Lante Personal Trainer Administration Guide
intranet site administrator guide   35 pages

Project Analyst Handbook
training materials  18 pages

from Using the Imparto Suite
product tutorial   12 pages


before CUIB 2.0 HTML Documentation Template - How To
after How To Guide for Online Documentation Templates
html internal documentation

before Important Changes Have Been Made To The Time and Expense Reporting Process
after How to Carry Out the New Time and Expense Reporting Process
corporate internal communication  3 pages

before SpreeRide, Lante and Extreme Programming
after SpreeRide, Lante, and Agile Methods
case study  4 pages

before Internet Security Policy
after Internet Security Policy
corporate policy   8 pages

before Broadlane FAQs
after Broadlane FAQs
web site FAQs  3 pages

before Solaris Oracle 8i (8.1.7) Enterprise Edition Client
after Installing the Solaris Oracle 8i (8.1.7) Enterprise Edition Client
from Aon Software Installation Guide   4 pages

EAH Projects

EAH South Bay
brochure repurposed as web site  

EAH Computer Learning Centers
computer learning centers home page   

Project Log
online log of EAH learning activity development   

San Domenico Projects

English Department Handbook
department handbook for WASC accreditation  25 pages

Freshman Foundations
three-fold program brochure  2 pages

My Antonia
summer reading poster   1 page

Bartleby, the Scrivener: A Story of Wall Street
course handout  24 pages