Making Conclusions


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information is a collection of things

When you are familiar with someone, you know many things about that person. In addition to physical things such as hair and eye color, height, and weight, you also what that person likes, dislikes, desires, and fears. The better you know someone, the more things you know about that person.

To make a good conclusion about a subject, you need to become very familiar with it. This means knowing lots of things about it. But if you know little or nothing about your subject at first, you can become familiar with it if you look for information in a deliberate way.

The first step in finding information is to list as many things as you can about your subject. After you have identified what you already know, you can find more things to add by observation, asking people questions, and reading what has been written about your subject.

Having categories makes finding things easier and faster. Click Next to see how this is true.