Making Conclusions


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conclude what is similar about all the groups

So far, you have looked at the steps as if each step were a separate event in the procedure of making a conclusion. When you are making a real conclusion, however, the procedure is actually cyclical . For example, as you group your things, you may find yourself thinking of new things that have to do with your subject. And adding these new things may suggest different ways your things can be grouped.

You need to stay with the process until you feel that you are ready to make an acceptable conclusion that explains what is similar about all of the groups. Sometimes it may feel that you are getting nowhere. You just have to trust that you will eventually discover an acceptable conclusion as a result of your work. And usually you will.

A conclusion is always the answer to a question. That is where you begin. As mentioned before, detectives investigating a crime scene are looking for an answer to this question: "What really happened here?"